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  • Tapered Tapered
    A curved, shaped neck, narrow at the shoulders, widest at the ends
  • Gothic Gothic
    A mitered back, shaped neckline, and straight sides
  • Deacon Stoles Deacon Stoles
    The Western-style deacon stole has a sash that drapes the left shoulder, with tails that hang from the right hip, connected at the hip with a chain.
  • Scapulars Scapulars
    Also called a "monostole," this ancient vestment hangs down the font in a single panel with a V-back. This is the preferred vestment for UMC Licensed Pastors.
  • Narrow Narrow
    Sized for clergy with smaller frames, narrow stoles are also ideal as chaplain stoles
  • Byzantine Overlay Byzantine Overlay
    A mitered back, cord across the back of the neck, and straight sides