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June 30, 2018, was the 10th anniversary of my first sale of a handmade stole on eBay. To celebrate, I held a drawing through the month of June for the first edition of a commemorative stole, and another drawing for a $50 gift certificate for deacons and UMC LLPs:

Winner of the 10th Anniversary Commemorative Stole: Debra Dickerson, full time minister, Holston Georgia Parish

Winner of the $50 gift certificate: Peggy Langile (LLP), Warwick Memorial UMC

Congratulations, Debra and Peggy!

On the form for the drawing, I asked a question about how my stoles support your ministry. Your answers were so insightful and interesting! Many mentioned that the stoles help you teach or tell the story of the Gospel, and that they often start important conversations. Others pointed out the importance of engaging all the senses in worship, and that stoles help keep listeners focused on the One they are there to worship. Some pastors said that stoles remind them of their calling. A few comments indicated a sense of confidence and authority from the vestments they wear.

The common thread is that stoles are not just part of a uniform. Every part of worship should be intentional and add to the worship of God.

Thank you for sharing what liturgical art stoles mean to you. You can read about what they mean to me here.