Use the diagram instructions below on how to measure  a stole you have or to be measured. If you fit roughly within the sizes of the size chart below, order a standard size. If you find you need custom sizing, choose "Custom Measure" from the size menu in the listing of the stole you are purchasing.

All hip connectors are 9 inch adjustable chains.
Size  Width    Sash    Tails  
Extra Small4" or 5"48"24"
Small4" or 5"52"26"
Large5" or 6"60"30"
Extra Large 5" or 6"64"32"

There is a $25 extra charge for custom size. Enter Sash and tails measurements in the box provided when adding the stole to the shopping cart. I cannot fill custom orders that do not have these measurements.

NOTE: Extra Large and custom sizes may have seams at the shoulder.