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Hope, Love, Joy, Peace: Blue Advent Candles Clergy Stole

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As a person who did not grow up with liturgy, I enjoy meditating on the significance of each Sunday in Advent with the lighting of each Advent candle, usually designated as Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace. We do not hope as the world hopes, in what could be or might be, but in the promises of God. We know love in a way that the world does not love, a love that is sacrificial on a level that is considered foolish. We have a Joy within our grasp that transcends the happiness the world offers. And we know a lasting peace with God that leads to peace in our human relationships.

This is what makes this design my favorite for Advent. I also have a fondness for batik fabrics, and I love the way the colors support and contrast with each other.

NOTE: If you prefer a stole without the rose candle for Gaudete Sunday, there is a drop-down menu where you can make that choice. The rose candle will be replaced with another shade of blue or purple to coordinate with the other candles.

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