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Save money on high-quality handmade clergy stoles

Let's face it: clergy stoles can be quite an investment, especially in the first year of ministry.  My net income is significantly less than the average pastor's salary, so I can relate to the need to economize, but of course, I need to balance that with my need to eat and pay my bills. I also realize that sometimes there are "stole emergencies" when saving time is more important to the buyer than saving money.

Flexible pricing is the solution I have come up with. Here's how it works:

Each made to order stole has a menu option for choosing the time frame in which you need your stole.  This is also where you can choose your own price.

Regular Price: This price reflects my normal, comfortable time-frame for completing stoles, but can vary during my busiest seasons. Deadlines are given preference, but are not guaranteed unless they are at least 2 weeks later than the longest shipping estimate. For example, if your deadline is 3 weeks away and you choose regular processing that is estimated to ship in 2-4 weeks, I cannot make your deadline. If it is 6 weeks away, you will receive your stole before your deadline.  This option will almost always be available for most stoles. Sometimes this will not be available is when certain stoles are available for "pre-order" only (see below). It also might not be available when I have to be away for an extended period of time. If that is the case, I will offer all made to order stoles at a discount, with longer processing times.

Expedited: When available, this price can be 30-50% higher than the regular price, depending on the stole and how full my schedule is. Expedited processing gives you an option between rush processing and regular processing, and still guarantees delivery* of your stole before your event date via USPS Express. SIGNATURE IS REQUIRED ON DELIVERY

Rush: When available, this price will be 40-75% higher than the regular price, depending on the stole and my schedule. Rush is the fastest option and guarantees delivery* of your stole before your event date via USPS Express. SIGNATURE IS REQUIRED ON DELIVERY

*Guaranteed delivery: USPS Express is guaranteed on time by the United States Postal Service. This means that they will attempt delivery on the day promised, but if no one is present to sign for the package, they will leave a slip to notify the recipient that the item is available for pick up at the Post Office. They will hold the item for about a week, and then return it to the sender. When possible, I try to allow a few extra days for pick up. The only problems I have had with USPS Express is when the recipient does not pay attention to the shipping notifications or when they do not prioritize picking up the stole. Signature is required by USPS. I cannot override this using the shipping program I have.

Discount: If you are willing to wait and do not have a deadline, you can choose the discount, when available. This gives me greater flexibility in when I actually complete the order, so I can do it in a week when I do not have as many regular orders. The processing delay can be a few weeks to several months, depending on my schedule. No deadline is guaranteed with this discount, and shipping times may be adjusted.

Pre-order: This is the best discount you can get (20%), and I only offer this on designs that are exclusive to Lent, Advent, Christmas and Easter, and only during certain times of the year. They are guaranteed for the next season for which they are ordered, but if you pre-order a stole for Advent in February, I probably won't complete it until July, when very few people are ordering stoles.