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Made-to-Order vs. Ready-to-Ship

I have noticed there is some confusion about the terms used to describe the availability of stoles on my website. Sometimes it appears that there are two identical listings for one stole. If you look at the availability note, found under the price, one will say "Made-to-Order" and the other will say "Ready-to-ship." Ready-to-ship stoles also announce that in their titles. Ready-to-ship stoles are always offered at regular price, with the option of adding USPS Express shipping. Occasionally, I am able to offer them on sale.

What's the difference?

Ready-to-ship stoles have already been made and packaged. They are available in limited sizes, and often only one size. Like the name suggests, they are ready to be shipped, and I can often take them to the Post Office the same day they are ordered.

Made-to-order stoles have a full variety of options, because they have not been made yet. You can choose the best length for you, and you also have the option to add a neck cross or other design on many of the stoles. You can add a personal label, either a message to the recipient or a name label. Since these stoles have not been made yet, it can take up to 4 weeks to receive your stole, longer if you choose a discount. 

Why does it take so long to get a made-to-order stole? 

Typically I already have around a dozen orders already on my schedule, and some stoles require several days to complete. When you order at regular price, your order goes to the end of the line, so to speak, which will be usually a couple weeks out.

How do I know when I will get my stole?

When you choose an option from the "Flexible Pricing" menu, each option has a delivery estimate from 5 days to several months. The closer the delivery or shipping estimate, the higher the cost will be. Make sure you choose an option that accommodates any deadlines you have.

Why does it cost more to get my stole sooner?

The prices for rush and expedited orders include USPS Express shipping, and an additional mark-up for the level of service required. Rush orders require a complete disruption to my regular schedule. I typically stop the order I am working on, clean up, and begin the rush order. Sometimes I also have to work additional hours. Expedited orders only require a minor adjustment to my schedule, so I do not have to charge as much for those. For some expedited orders, the additional charge only covers the cost of USPS Express shipping, with no additional charges.

Why does it take months to get a stole that I ordered with a discount?

I am able to offer a discount in exchange for waiting longer for your stole by scheduling discounted orders more flexibly. That way, when I have a week that doesn't have many orders scheduled, I can work on discounted orders.

Why not only offer ready-to-ship stoles? It would be less confusing.

Your selection would also be far more limited. I would only be able to offer about 4 different sizes, and it is impossible to create and keep up with stock that offers full sizing (even in the limited 4 I would be able to offer) in all designs. There is just one of me.

What is "pre-order?"

Pre-order refers to ordering certain stoles at a discount well before the season for which they are needed. I only offer pre-order for Lent, Easter, Advent and Christmas. When you pre-order a stole, it is guaranteed for that season, but you may not receive it for several months, as I schedule these orders for times when I expect a slow down, usually January and July.

During the busiest seasons I will offer stoles for certain seasons for pre-order ONLY, especially during the spring, when many new ministers need a red or white stole for their ordination. I realize that families may want the pleasure of presenting stoles for every season at the ordination, so I will offer earlier shipment when I can.

For more information on the flexible shipping menu click here. 

What shipping methods are available?

Most orders will ship via USPS Priority mail.

All "rush" and "expedite" orders are shipped via USPS Priority Express (1-2 days to most areas) and require a signature on delivery.

What about shipping to EU?

As of June 2018: Thanks to the complexities of the EUs GDPR I no longer offer shipping to GB (or any other EU country). I only ship to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Be advised that shipping costs do not include customs fees. All customs fees and taxes are the responsibility of the recipient. I do not have the resources to predict what those fees will be.

Shipping to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

If the total value of your order is under $500, multiple items will be shipped together according to the longest time-frame you have chosen, unless one item is a rush order. For example, if you order one item at regular price, shipping in 3 weeks, and you order a second item at a discount, shipping in 6 weeks, both items will ship in 6 weeks. If you want them to come at different times, place 2 orders.

If the total value of your order is over $500, multiple items will be grouped according to the processing times chosen, and shipped separately.

International shipping time is 1-2 weeks, so please allow for that.

The shipping price does not include customs fees you will probably incur when your package is delivered.

NOTE: ADDITIONAL CHARGES AND DISCOUNTS CHANGE THE PRICE OF THE STOLE BEFORE IT IS ADDED TO THE CART. The charges/discounts for these options will show in the cart when you click "show options," but they will not show up as a right-column price breakdown.